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Dive Deeper into the Business Beginnings Of Our Accomplished Alumni

Discover how our alumni found a supportive community and leveraged the resources at CLIK Collective to propel their businesses forward and establish their brands in the market.

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Meet Hayley Worley Founder of Sheet Society

“Packing orders was something that you just needed to get out of the way… and not having to go to the post office was just awesome”

Learn more about Hayley’s journey.
Meet Frankie Layton Founder of Dirt

“We all just got to figure it out in company, and I think without it would’ve been a really lonely road” [on community]

Learn more about Frankie’s journey.
Meet Cathryn Wills Founder of Sans Beast

“Everything is there and there’s always someone to answer questions, so it was the perfect start for us”

Learn more about Cathryn’s journey.
Meet Liv Coleman Founder of All Things Golden

“It was really valuable to be able to literally run across the hall to another business and throw ideas past them and learn from them”

Learn more about Liv’s journey.
Knowing that other people are there to support you is just such a great feeling. Hayley Worley, Founder of Sheet Society

We’ve been part of 500+ small business journey’s (and counting...)

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